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Tribute: Olori Aramide Oniru

Olori Aramide OniruHappy 20th Coronation Anniversary to my caring husband, Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru, Akiogun II. It has been 50 years of very enriching and fulfilling experience spent so far with an exceptional husband and father. A compassionate community builder and dedicated royal father.

Ade a pe l’ori, bata a pe l’ese, irukere a di abere. Emi a se pupo ni alaafia.


Olori Aramide Oniru
(Iya Aafin of Iruland)

Tribute: Olori Risikat Oniru

Olori Risikat Oniru


To a strong and loving man… The good shepherd that never lost sight of his sheep

Congratulations on your 20th year anniversary.

I am grateful to God for being faithful through the years. I pray that He will continue to strengthen you and may He order every step you take.

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Tribute: Olori Arike Oniru

Olori Arike Oniru I say over one million thanks to my creator, as the Yoruba proverb says (ki olorun sa maje ki eleda eni pada lehin eni amin) Looking back, I have no cause to regret the decision I made 40 years ago to marry Kabiyesi. He is a completely perfect husband and an exceptional father to all his children, even to those that are not his. Thank you, my husband! A father like you is very, very rare. We are grateful for the love and care you show us.

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