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Chief Mrs Alaba Oniru


Bismillahi rahman raheem, alhamdullilal robbilaal amin.

 My family and I are very thankful to almighty Allah for sparing our big daddy’s life to witness the 20th anniversary of his reign on the throne. Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru (JP) Akiogun II, Oniru of Iruland and environs.  


It has been a smooth, fruitful and a successful reign so far. He has been endowed with wisdom courage and understanding that made him stand out as a unique ruler over his subjects family and the entire Iru community. He has shown a sense of leadership in the family ever before he ascended the throne of his forefathers.

We pray to almighty Allah to lead him aright, give him long life, good health, more years on the surface of the earth, Amen.

Congratulations Sir! Ade a pe l’ori, Bata a pe l’ese, Irukere a di abere.


Chief (Mrs) Alaba Olufunke Oniru

Yeye Meso of Iruland