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How time flies - A Tribute by Pharm(Hon) Abayomi Daramola

Hon Daramola

How times flies, it is incredible to observe that it is now 20years (1 score) since HRM Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru became the 14th Oniru of Iruland; that is Two Hundred and Forty Months (240months) or approximately Seven Thousand, Two Hundred Days, (7,200days).

In the past 20years during the reign of our Oba, developments in Iru Kingdom have increased tremendously ranging from Infrastructure, Security, Traditional, Upliftment, Family Welfare and Governmental Supports.

During his reign the Local Government has experienced lots of development. The Local Government has built Schools, Drainages, Hospitals, Construction of Roads, New Secretariat and lot of other structures.

For his undaunted supports, the Executive Members of the Council unanimously agreed to name the New 6 Storey Building of the Council after him. The edifice is named OBA IDOWU ONIRU HOUSE. This is in appreciation of his supports.

Kabiyesi, like the sun, you have radiated brightness across Iru Kingdom… inspiring changes for a better tomorrow. Obviously your past 20years on the throne of your ancestors have been fruitful and beneficial to mankind generally. You have been able to be A GREAT KING

Therefore, as you celebrate your Twenty Years Anniversary as OBA OF IRU KINGDOM , the entire Staff of Iru-Victoria Island Local Council Development Area join your other numerous associates and well-wishers to wish you long life, increasing prosperity and good health.

May you continue to grow in strength and wisdom in your resolve to effect more positive changes in Iru Kingdom, Lagos State and Nigeria in general.

Igba Odun, Odun Kan ni

KA      BI    YE    SI    O

Pharm.(Hon.) Abayomi Daramola
Arobadade of Iruland
Executive Chairman

Tribute: Chief Akintunde Disu

I have known Kabiyesi for well over fifty years; we worked together in the Old Lagos Town Council before he went abroad to study Engineering.


His father is very well known to me and he was also a father to me as well.


Kabiyesi and his father are both Crown Heads i.e. in Yoruba, “Ori Ade Ti a ko fin Tęlę


Kabiyesi and I are very close; he treats me with brotherly affection and love.

I was made Borokini of Iruland, and he made me a citizen of Iruland.
Under his reign Iruland has undergone great development and I wish the kingdom greater prosperity in the years that lie ahead.



Chief Akintunde Disu

Borokini of Iruland