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Tribute: Chief(Mrs) Alaba Oniru

Chief Mrs Alaba Oniru


Bismillahi rahman raheem, alhamdullilal robbilaal amin.

 My family and I are very thankful to almighty Allah for sparing our big daddy’s life to witness the 20th anniversary of his reign on the throne. Oba Idowu Abiodun Oniru (JP) Akiogun II, Oniru of Iruland and environs.  

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Tribute:Olori Ajua Oniru

Olori Ajua Oniru


Best wishes on your 20th year anniversary.
You have been a loving, reliable, focused and intelligent husband and king.

May you live in good health and bountiful blessings.


Tribute: Olori Bola Oniru

Olori Bola Oniru

Congratulations on your anniversary.

May you celebrate many more years in good health, may your reign be long and peaceful.

May you enjoy the fruit of your labour and may you not grieve over your children.


K’ade pe lori, Ki bat ape lese, Ki irukere di abere