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Tribute: Prince Olumide Oniru

Prince Olumide OniruI remember the excitement that enveloped 
us all 20 years ago when the court ruled in your favour. We celebrate you with the same excitement and we give gratitude to God for 20 glorious years. 

I count it a privilege to have you as my dad. You have been such a great role model. I have learned so much from you and I can confidently say that I am the man I am today because of the values you instilled in me. You taught me the importance of integrity, honesty and patience.

I am very grateful to God for keeping you and I pray that you will celebrate many more years on the throne.


Chief Simeon Adekunle Akinlonu

This year, we celebrate the 20th Coronation Anniversary of HRM Oba (Dr.) Idowu Abiodun Oniru, Akiogun II, a courageous and dogged fighter, unassuming, highly principled and very modest in all aspects of life and whose lifestyle and philosophy is worthy of emulation.

It is an honour to me and my family to pay tribute to a Royal Father, who over the years has been my friend, mentor and a role model.

The journey of life with Kabiyesi started in 1971 (forty four years ago) in our office in Western House 8/10 Broad Street, Lagos. As a young Chartered Accountant, he embraced and encouraged me and assured me of his fullest support. Ever since then, he has kept to his words as a principled gentleman. He brought me into Oniru Royal Family, introduced me to our great Father Oba Yesufu Abiodun Oniru. The confidence in me grew to the highest level when papa made me his cashier, to the extent that I was keeping his passbook. Many other confidential documents were put in my care. This confidence of accepting me into the larger members of Oniru Royal family was anchored by Kabiyesi. He is an exceptional family man who cares for his wives, children and the larger members of the family as well as those who are lucky to come his way. He has encouraged not just his children but all members of the larger Oniru Family to embrace

education and has continued to empower members of the family and all those fortunate to come his way.

As we look confidently to the future, we count with pride a success story of your reign. May divine providence guide you in all future endeavours.

Time and space will not allow me to write all I know about Kabiyesi.

However, let me join thousands of your admirers to wish your reign continuous prosperity and joy in the land of your forefathers.


On behalf of my wife, children and family I wish Kabiyesi continuous success, I pray that the good Lord, the one who knows it all, will continue to direct your footsteps.

Have a happy and joyous coronation anniversary!


Chief Simeon Adekunle Akinlonu

Bobajiro of Iruland

I RECALL - A Tribute by Chief(Mrs) Mary Bassey

Chief Mrs Mary Bassey



On the occasion of your Majesty’s attainment of 20 years on the throne of your great and illustrious ancestors, I will firstly like to give thanks to the Almighty God for the life he has bestowed on your Royal Majesty till today.


I recall with nostalgia the joy and enthusiasm with which I joined Prince Alaba Abiodun Oniru, Chief S. A. Akinlonu and so many other people in putting together the pavilion, brochures, and the entire events of that great occasion when your Majesty was given the staff of office by the State Governor. I went in search of the photographs and saw a young and vibrant Oba. How time flies!


I continue to marvel at the Giant strides that have taken place under your Royal Majesty’s exemplary leadership in the growth of Iruland today. The entire Oniru Estate is second to none and has continued to grow. Your Majesty has carried on with calm disposition, determination and fearless independence of spirit. There is no doubt that the entirety of your Majesty’s upbringing and professional training has made your Majesty the great King that your Majesty is today and the well known custodian of the history, culture and tradition of the indigenous Lagos society and indeed Yorubaland in general.


Your Majesty has continued to be a great and inspiring administrator, manager of men, Finance and materials. A lover of people irrespective of status, nationality, tribe and religion. A magnanimous philanthropist, a wise king who sees beyond the ordinary, forgiving and kind hearted!


I am a recipient of your Royal Majesty’s benevolence in giving me the rare opportunity to serve the interest of your Majesty and the Oniru Royal family.


My entire family cannot stop thanking your Royal Majesty and Iru Royal family. It is our prayer that the Almighty God continues to bless, guide and protect your Majesty with great wisdom, good health and the wealth to increase your Majesty’s pomp and pageantry with long life until the next 20 years of celebration and yet more and more and more years!


Kabiyesi O. Oye a mori

Irukere a di abere



Yeyemofin of Iruland